Stare, by Kay Channon

At my eyes, not my chair
Then maybe we’ll compare our differences there

It’s okay
Judgement is key
I can see it matters
Tell me, are your misconceptions shattered as I pick up the phone and speak so clearly?

Now I’m staring at you
Your eyebrows raised in a haze of confusion
Secretly glad I’ve broken your delusion
With my heart boldly beating
Your eyes retreating into astonishment

This mechanical body isn’t all of me
It’s greater than the sum of its parts
And charts a human heart with so many veins

The scars you seek are unchanged,
Unnamed, shamed by your unblinking eyes
Something you will never find beneath these clothes

All these expectations you seek
Lie secretly, at rest in my poetry
Waiting, wanting to break out

I run this race
A radical way-maker
Through the silence, refusing compliance
Standing still in a space where these slow sly stares can begin a conversation


Kay is a published Poet and Writer working on her PhD at the University of Chichester.
Her debut poetry collection The Dark Side of Light was published by Bardic Media in 2017 and is available from Amazon. Some of her more recent poems have been published online by the London Progressive Journal. You can follow her on Twitter @KayChannon

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