Caravan, by Roberta Monokroussos

Calamitous catastrophe casts casualties
Amorphous avaricious aspirations aggressively accrue
Radiated rotten raging rancor refuses refuse rescue
Atavistic tribalistic archaic antipathies
Vicious inarticulate venomous vile autocracies
Authorize activate accommodate ancient antiquated enmity
Narcissistic nasty no nothing nabobs induce nefarious knavery’s slavery

Apocalyptic outcome’s outrageous eventualities
But this is surely absurd for life itself cannot end
Sun rises everyday; even the caged bird sings
Until the birds join in chorus at rainbow’s bend
Riotous ribald rambunctious rhinestone rings
Delight us with refulgent hues of rainbow’s sparkle

Love as life shines forever; prisms’ broken shards
repaired to out sparkle

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