Still, by Dave Rendle

(This week  marks the 2 year anniversary of  a makeshift camp known as  the Jungle in Calais, France in 2016, being demolished and people evicted, yet the  the problem and tragedy nevertheless still sadly ongoing.)

Still the language of spin repeating
Still angry choruses releasing,
Still the flood of tears raining down
Still lines of division, continue pressing,
Still refugees seek shelter, from fear to freedom
Still forced to flee, poverty and war,
Still abandoning man made tragedies
Still escaping darkness, hope undimmed,
Still not welcome, still told to disappear
Still building walls to keep them out,
Still made illegal, repression continues
Still in desperate search of  need,
Still is the night, still is the air
Still logic flies on paths of departure,
Still the beyondness of unknowing
Still the tides keep on flowing,
Still travelling, unravelling threads
Still seeking hands of kindness,
Still hoping for depth of understanding
Still offering the hand of friendship,
Still human, still imagining tomorrow
Still hoping the world will change,
Still determined, carry on unbroken
Still many mountains to climb,
Still got the future, still got time
Still on the verge of hope,
Still words of truth flying high
Still inspiration calls from mind’s eye,
Still displaced but still surviving
Still the gift of dignity, keeps on calling.


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