Confirmation, by Jennifer Lagier

“He’s a man who doesn’t believe in your right to control your own body. A man who thinks you shouldn’t have access to health care, LGBTQ freedoms, or basic civil rights. A man accused of multiple acts of sexual violence.” — Dawn Laguens, Planned Parenthood


The act of confirming a self-entitled preppie
who is both liar and predator
to the highest court of the land
reaffirms what we already know:
federal government exists by and for
rich, obtuse white men who
serve only monied patrons
and their own greedy interests.

A third of the Supreme Justices
have been accused of sexual misconduct.
The message isn’t lost on women.
This is war, a relentless attack
on independence, safety, well-being.
Incandescent rage flares, boils over.
No more turning the other cheek,
ignoring harassment, discrimination.

We are fed up, fighting for our lives,
won’t tolerate one more
instance of being marginalized,
demonized, disrespected, molested.


Jennifer Lagier has published fourteen books, edits the Homestead Review, helps coordinate Monterey Bay Poetry Consortium readings. Newest books: Scene of the Crime (Evening Street Press), Harbingers (Blue Light Press), Camille Abroad (FutureCycle Press), Like a B Movie (FutureCycle Press). Forthcoming: Camille Mobilizes (Dec. 2018), (FutureCycle Press, 2018).

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