#MANCHESTER #everywhere, by Marilyn Timms

You’ll know me when you meet me.
Neighbour to song and innocence,
I am the speed of flying steel,
the spew of falling glass;
a crimson rain that spawns
a lake of flowers, a river of tears.

I am the light of a thousand candles,
the dark of empty beds.
I am the flight from ward to morgue,
the eyes that search yet do not find.
I am the drops of news that seep
too slow, the anxious photos waved in hope.

I keep in step with pall-bearers,
dance with the child too young
to understand. I am the healing sap
dressed in a new rainbow.
I am unity, love, fear and hate.
I am the choice you have to make.


Born in Manchester, Marilyn Timms is a writer and artist now living in Gloucestershire. Her first poetry collection, Poppy Juice, is described by Alison Brackenbury as a collection of brave and unexpected adventures, with intoxicating, sometimes threatening colours. Marilyn has read her poems and short stories at four Cheltenham Literature Festivals.

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