Schoolboy, by Jennifer Lagier

From infancy, he’s been protected,
pampered, adored.
Helicopter parents orbit closely,
make sure obstacles are removed,
bumpy path smoothed.

Despite his lack of effort or attention,
teachers know better than to assign
a failing grade, substandard scores.
Coaches have been put on notice
to make sure he is quarterback,
captain, most valuable player.
Reprimands are challenged, overturned.

High school drinking, sexual horseplay,
all accepted without question,
after all, boys will be boys.
He grows up, self-entitled,
filled with overblown expectations.

As an adult, the world is his oyster,
six figure salary, executive perks,
career advancement assured.
Mentors have his back,
make failures, indiscretions
magically disappear.

He seizes what he wants
without consequences.
A member of an exclusive brotherhood,
he won’t be denied,
grows bigger, bolder, destroys
whoever stands in his way.

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