Give Us This Day, by Peter Roe

LondonBathChelsea or a Belgian bun
CinnamonHot CrossIced or a Sally Lunn
For some it is a Finger, a Nudger or a floury Bap
Bannock, a Baguette or plain Tortilla wrap
PretzelFlatbreadBloomer or a crunchy French Baton
Currant Bun, a Stottie, a Scone or should it be a Scon?
WaffleCroissantBrioche, the sweet and sticky roll
HoagieBarm and Bagel the roll with the middle hole
There is a multitude of ways to take your daily bread
For many they are thankful and eat once Grace is said
There are some who are struggling to meet their families need
And are going to the food bank to get their daily feed
Give up this day
your normal daily bread
Give one square meal
To those who need it more instead
Deliver up some victuals
For this is the wisdom
The power in your story
This is not for ever…


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