Return of the Daleks, by Greg Freeman

Design classic, some said,
put together when Britain
still had a bit of an empire.
One thought in their heads,
to take over the world.
But inflexible, lacking
imagination, no peripheral
vision, metallic voices.
Hideous inside their boxes,
extremely intolerant
of others not of their kind.

the same words
and phrases –
Destroy! Destroy!
Take back control!
Nothing has changed!
– over and over again.
Don’t hide behind
the sofa, England!
Come out and push them
down the stairs!


Greg Freeman is a former newspaper sub-editor, and now reviews editor for the poetry website Write Out Loud His debut pamphlet collection Trainspotters is published by Indigo Dreams. He lives in Surrey and walks the local canals, hoping to spot kingfishers.

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