Loving all the Davids, by Jill Munro

There are more people called David, or Steve, who head up FTSE 100 companies than there are women or ethnic minorities (The Independent, 8th March 2018)


It’s quite easy to love a David, I have one of my own,
and it’s clear some hold a special place
close to many hearts – Cassidy, Bowie and Tennant
for obvious reasons, aesthetic and/or artistic.
Niven, Copperfield and Livingstone less so,
but clearly this may depend on your point of view.

We reserve hushed tones of reverence for Attenborough
in his native habitat and, of course, the corners (and tattoos)
of Mr. Beckham make him a living – if squeaky – legend.
Let’s gloss over Cameron with his slicked back hair,
lucrative speeches and messy Brexit legacy.
Let’s love those nine footsie fat-cats who revel in their title —

that’s the title David, not CEO, clearly relishing
the happenstance by which their name is not Davina or Daljit.


Jill Munro’s poetry has appeared in various magazines including The Frogmore Press, The Fenland Reed & The Rialto. Her first collection ‘Man from La Paz’ was published in 2015 by Green Bottle Press, London. She won the Fair Acre Press Pamphlet Competition with ‘The Quilted Multiverse’ (2016) and won the O’Bheal Five Words International Poetry competition 2017/18. Jill was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship in 2018.

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