Stand Up, by Geraldine Ward

Stand up for every child that suffers
stand up for homeless in the gutters.

Stand up for the marginalised minorities,
LGBT, BAME and stand up for the refugees.

Stand up for the teachers, doctors and midwives,
Stand up for the mentally ill and disenfranchised.

Stand up for those who have to use food banks,
Stand up for those who are condemned and bullied for living on benefits,
Through no fault of their own.
Stand up for those disabled, elderly and alone.
Stand up for those who have no voice,
Domestic violence could have left them without choice.

Stand up for those who somehow remain firm,
When negative words try to make them squirm.

Stand down, those MPs, bankers and politicians,
Who use the public as their ammunition,
Stand down those big brother people watchers,
Whose jealousy and hatred is toxic
Stand down, the opportunists and imposters,
Stand down the gossips and the mockers.
But rise all people in union one day,
When good is shown in the right way.


Geraldine Ward is a poet and author from Kent. She has had work published in Writers Cafe Magazine, The Blue Nib and Domestic Cherry 6 among others. You can find her Facebook page at and Twitter GWardAuthor. Her blog is

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