Flat-Pack Fascists, by Robert Cunliffe

Who are these flat-pack fascists?
From where did they appear?
Did no one see them coming?
Have they always been here?

What brought them to the surface?
Where did they all spring from?
What happened to the warning signs
Before it all went wrong?

How come they just took over
In the vacuum that arose?
How come there was no uproar?
How come we simply froze?

This wasn’t in the almanac.
This wasn’t in the stars.
This wasn’t in the game plan
Fleshed out in flashy bars.

This is raw repugnance.
This is whipped-up hate.
This is demon screaming
And now it’s far too late.

The reckoning is over.
We failed to heed the call.
The whole world is in turmoil
And going to the wall.

They’ll soon be euthanasing
The disabled and the poor,
The Muslims and the migrants,
Knocking door to door.

They’ll have their New World Order.
Their “will” will be their way.
They’ll have their monoculture
And build it in a day.


These flat-pack fascists,
This proto-Nazi scum,
Who only think in binaries
And they are Number 1.

They need to learn a lesson.
They need to be told
That, if they carry on like this,
They won’t be growing old.

These crepuscular cretins,
These dancers in the dark,
These shamen of the craven
Who went out with the ark.

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