Spinning predators, by Dave Rendle

Catchy jingles, striking slogans and subliminal commands
Cook up the tailor baked insidious mixture,
Guilefully iced with fairy fingertips
Cunningly crafted to engender the bite,
Cultivating tastes and erasing senses
Resetting fashion and exploiting the impressionable,
Crippling the mind with fabricated dreams
Epitomising the dysfunctional corporate culture.

Relentless blitz campaigns infiltrate young minds
Wafting of empty catchpenny blurb,
Magnetising and harvesting incipient souls
Channeling conception of lifelong habits,
Casting the spell of deluded grandeur ,
Emblazing emblems and velvet voices,
Pull at the fraying parental purse strings
Planting the seeds of the anticipatory crop.

As unscrupulous measures invite comparison
And polarizing attitudes sever relationships,
Advocating change and facilitating division
Endorsing the social class perimeters.
Glorifying the rich, shunning the poor
Harbouring hate and compromising principles,
Breeding contempt and empowering crime
Stimulating suicides and signing death warrants.

The spectre of materialism courts capitalism
Reinforcing elitism and widening the gap,
The opulent empires triumph and prosper
Home to rapacious fat cats and parsimonious millionaires,
Embroiled in a mission of propelling persuasion
Shooting sugar coated spears at the statistical melange,
Bagging vulnerable victims with wily schemes
Prey of the coercive stimulus of obsequious ladder climbers.

One thought on “Spinning predators, by Dave Rendle

  1. ” poetry and artwork protesting against abuse in any of its forms ”
    (including the abuse perpetrated by Ernesto Guevara in the service of Communism?)

    The image of CHE on a shirt
    always triggers my right to assert
    that the crime of the Left
    is not property theft,
    but Idolatry: blind and overt.

    The communist rock-star Ernesto
    never dreamed that his mug would be blessed so –
    re-branded revision,
    immune to derision.
    Would history ever have guessed so?

    The militant monogram CHE
    was perceived as the herald of day-
    from a murderous tyrant
    to Christ-like aspirant:
    reality withered away.


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