Four poems by Mariangela Canzi



at the snowflakes
falling down.
Memories of home
like a torturing
Snow is covering
the freezing huts,
the crematory roof.
A cheerful robin
is flying high.
dreadful is the grief.
death is coming on.



To the proud losers
who chase their goals

To the bold pioneers
who share their passion

To the kind forgotten
who keep their dignity

To the strong poets
who spread their words

To the sweet dreamers
who grasp their moon

To the brave politicians
who destroy their walls.


donald:   by Mariangela Canzi and Rick Davis  on LINKEDIN

you are a monarch
and a run-away asteroid.
melania avoids limelight
as a dutiful concubine to the emperor.
you smother the defenseless
and teach the world
to revel in social media,
wear falsies and smirk.

You speak words
of deep hate.
you have buried your soul
in dark prejudice.
your forgotten are lonely
across the world.
you keep on wanting
barriers and fights.
we keep on writing
no borders no walls.


The Forgotten

The sky darkened slowly
in the poor dreary village.
People there yearned for life
beyond the inviting clouds.
They all prayed loudly
to reach the Promised Land.
They walked and walked
till they fell to the ground.
Children were lost in wonder.
Whispers and prayers flew up
in the weeping sky.
Wishes and hopes vanished
behind a cold wall.


Mariangela Canzi is Italian mother tongue, translator. Her passion is English language and literature. She started writing poems about two years ago. It was a joke, it is now a challenge and a pleasure.
She tries to express her feelings and thoughts about life and the world.

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