Freedom? by Nathaniel Flachs

“I think that I’m a tree”
Said the man to me
“Sir I disagree”
I said to Mr. Tree
He hit me in the face
Then sprayed me down with mace
And everybody yelled
Filled with Giddy Glee
Good for You! Good for you Mr. Tree!
I sat in pain and terror
As people came to me
Screaming – shouting
“How dare you not agree!”
What happened overnight?
It’s hard to really see
I thought I lived and breathed
Where speech was seen as free…´


Nathaniel Flachs recently graduated from Salve Regina with a B.A. in theatre. A former playwright apprentice with New York Stage and Film he has spent years writing poetry, plays, and novels. He’s seen many of his fellow class mates and friends take up the view that people should not be able to voice their opinions if they do not agree with them. He sees a degradation of the sanctity of free speech. Hopefully this poem will help people see that the cost of letting people speak freely is far less than the cost of silencing opinions.


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