It’s strange, by Dave Rendle

It’s strange
each day the same as the last
millions dying of hunger
profiteers counting their cash,
daily people getting exploited
man made crisis and refugees denied
racism and homelessness on the rise
the grains that still fall ,full of doubts and fears.

It’s strange
there is no end in sight
ecosystems on the precipice of extinction
sea levels rising, the planet in peril,
the shimmering light of tomorrow disappears
dark hands of fate, twist the knife
trouble keeps brewing, spreading strife
no matter what we do, we are betrayed.

It’s strange
tears  of humanity lingering long
releasing sadness, breaking hearts
remember though, this pain we must share,
but moving round in circles
can be done with little fuss
a solution surely can be retrieved
beyond us, no more anguished  memories.

It’s strange
how love still tears us apart
as we weep to remember
what  it once contained,
some people two-faced
only interested in self and position
no radiance have these people
they are stagnant and void.

It’s strange
how life can weigh heavy
are we not all at times afflicted
let us share the wealth of our affliction,
salvage some hope, tear down the chains
messages of human kindness, instead of greed
in this odd little world, we can search for a new reality
let’s  all try and continue until the day we die.

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