Opinions of Grief, by Maeve McKenna

I can’t know the heat of it,
this igniting sky,
or flinch as the embers
descend over a city, any city.
The wounds are deep,
scorched into the flesh of seared
memory; a school, hospital,
church, a home.
A life.
This catalogue of war, of fire,
of fault, of destruction
circles the wagons.
Our individual grief
held aloft, compared,
a desolate torch
of isolated pain,
cowered and dimmed beside
your more worthy flame.


Maeve is originally from Dublin but now living with her family in Sligo. She has written all her life but only recently began to submit work. She was shortlisted for the Red Line Poetry Competition and highly commended in the iYeats International Poetry Competition, both in 2018.  A prose piece of hers is published in the current issue of The Cormorant and her work has been included on Poetry24.

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