Beyond Words, by Dave Urwin

She is grabbed off the innocent, sunlit street
one ordinary, workaday lunchtime

to be beaten, punched, taken
to a foreign land

Not only punches and kickings
but unspeakable punishment
with cables, doors, things she cannot utter

by human beings wanting
human feelings. The probe and jab
of men’s weaponry, their mauling hands

as she stares at ceilings, walls.
They have no respect. They are weak.
They use other people for control. 

She has torturous nightmares.
The world is a locked door.

She cannot find the words
to express her eternal pain
and somewhere, beyond all words
come tears, ancient as rain.



BBC Radio 4 drama, I Am a Slave, week beginning 03.06.2019

BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, 06.06.2019

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