/black power/ by Clara B. Jones

You wanted to meet Pope.L, but he failed to understand the details of playing the market by using proper tools to open doors on Wall Street where traders are bullish about CO2 and global warming since drones fly through toxic air. You should share your wealth with negro men using malware to revolt at Goldman-Sachs® and Nordstrom’s®—where Afrobots are subject to virtual attacks. You’ll figure it out though the poor eat more pork than any other group, and it’s time to ask Norway to cure the obese. You have infinite data on your laptop, but gigabits could offer so much more. You defined black power as a financial game played in Harlem and Grosse Pointe or in homeless shelters selling lottery tickets at reduced cost—proving that spite never evolved in the colored race. Some day you will send post cards to everyone on welfare inviting them to an Ibsen play though “The Doll’s House” lies and tells the truth at the same time. You prefer a peaceful solution to the Korean problem, and the banks want contracts with firms in Seoul to close deals for poets seeking Asian patrons. Simply put, racism is a form of decadence and misogyny a type of nihilism. Households carry trillions of dollars in debt, and philanthropy alone can’t solve their problems though NGOs are federally funded, and the powerless always feel oppressed. You are optimistic about the economy, but corporate greed is out of hand, and you’re obsessed with hedge funds that will make you rich for life.


Clara B. Jones is a Knowledge Worker practicing in Silver Spring, MD, USA. Among other works, she is author of the collection, Poems for Rachel Dolezal (GaussPDF, 2019).

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