Children Need Love, by Giselle Marks

Into the world another baby is born
From warmth of mother’s womb torn
Raging with emotion, always demanding
Breathing, crying, kicking and screaming

Into the world another child is brought
Miracle – man and woman have wrought
Give each child everything they need
Children need more than ample feed

Food and warmth are not quite enough
The world around us is really tough
A child needs teaching, a child needs love
Expect no manna sent from above

To have children is a precious prize
No clone, an unknown with family ties
A daunting task all parents will find
Ties which were always meant to bind

Parents, please your children cherish
Fragile creatures who so easily perish
They’ll come to be the new mankind
Yet love nurtures both heart and mind

We can’t promise the world will live on
So love each daughter and every son
But children we should help to become
Then to hatred they will not succumb

Into the world another child is born
Expel all prejudice, hate and scorn
So each can love and be loved in return
Dream that all adults will finally learn

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