Two poems by Punam Sharma

God (Senryu)

When a man decides
to play god to his brethren
humanity dies


The bed is unmade, has been unmade for weeks
though I do change the sheets, I like the look of disarray
it makes the room look lived in
I also like leaving empty coffee cups on the side table
when I come back from work
I can feel the presence of the other self
my soul floats back and forth
between me and the other self I oft see in the mirror
we do have conversations too,
I mean a girl has to talk!
I am glad I have company
for I am tired of answering
probing questions about this and that
how I manage alone and all that blah
then, when she peers at me from the mirror
I breathe easy and we giggle together
for loneliness has no room in this room for two.


Punam is a stay at home wife and mom, who writes for textbooks. Her poems have been published by Tuck Magazine, Spillwords and Indian Periodical. She blogs as paeansunplugged on WordPress.

16 thoughts on “Two poems by Punam Sharma

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  2. Congratulations dear friend! Your senyru packs a powerful and profound meaning into it’s syllables. And your poem “illusion” brings a comfort to me.
    You’re a wealth of talent!! πŸ’œβ€οΈ

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