Final Haiku, by Clara B. Jones

Jamal Khashoggi
“Journalist died after fight.”
Official Statement


Clara B. Jones practices writing in Silver Spring, MD (USA) and conducts research on experimental literature, as well as, radical publishing. Among other works, Clara is author of the poetry collection, /feminine nature/, published in 2017 by Gauss PDF.

Haiku For Lost Innocence, by Clara B. Jones

Beautiful flowers,
Damaged by priests and bishops,
“Too little, too late.”

 Clara B. Jones practices writing in Silver Spring, MD (USA). She, also, conducts research on experimental literature and radical publishing. Her exploratory work includes internet publishing, as well as, creative use of mathematical notation, science, and technology. Clara is author of three paper chapbooks, one weblog chapbook (, as well as, one volume (/feminine nature/, 2017, Gauss PDF), and her poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews have appeared, or are forthcoming, in various venues.

Haiku’s for Hiroshima (II) DEAD END PASSAGES, by Elaine Christie

Mother in mid-run
with child, misshapen soya beans
can’t be separated.

Hair evaporated, skull-
cap pared to carnassial
cordite twisted body.

Frost bitten in maternal
threads, last breath spent trying
to reach their babies.

The eerie thuds at night
of a cathedral falling
animals in pain.

Flies in an ashwood
Stench-land, God has left the build-
ing, nothing moved.