.stop sign. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

the lady with the blue umbrella

is merely a road sign, remember.


until we walk over and find there

is not one.


had difficulty sleeping, thinking.

of you all.

the hurricanes.


thinking of you all.


the genocide.

spelled carefully


you all

at war.


all who are ill,



i went on the bus, saw the mud

from the festival. talked   to you

who got lost and fed the homeless.


read some road signs elsewhere.



Aleppo by Angela E Brooks

Is it still Aleppo now that it’s flattened into anonymous rubble?

How much more destruction can it take before it is seen to be destroyed?

Horror upon horror dulls the senses until the little children

Covered in grey dust, fighting to breathe become commonplace

To our eternal shame.

This war, the warlords say, will go on – maybe ten years more.

For what? This whole frightening idiocy must be stopped

Before the population comprises grey dusted people,

Limbless, sightless, immobile, buried under giant piles of man-made debris.

What use is Politics when this is the result?

Regimes fight Regimes for control while all around

Their people are dying. Listen to the terrible wailing of the bereaved

Trying to make sense of the indefensible.

And the bombing goes on, and the gassings go on, and the dying goes on

And the lost youth with nothing left to live for

With deadened senses don their home-made suicide vests

And hope for happiness in another world.

Homeless by Mike Zamites


A lonely soul upon the street
Lost to all around
Society’s garbage, thrown away
A label, now is bound
Never again to see the dream
Held by those in sight
Drifting upon the open road
Living day to night
Desiring only tomorrows end
While getting through today
Seeking peace for empty thought
Of what was yesterday