Declaration of Independence II by Andrea Heiberg

Who’s the lady with the torch
Boko Haram hates to see?
Who’d bid me welcome
if it should be?

She’s my independent friend who
voices freedom

She’s still standing
sending out hope
to me
my sisters in
when not grabbed by her pussy.

So go

Agnus Dei By Andrea Heiberg

You still whisper in your dreams
though the nightmare’s over
or sort of
if you’re not thinking of Panama
just now
along your house,
long gone with all the love within it,
along years of hard work toiling
building up profits for somebody else
who does not sit in Panama
but sits comfortably ruling countries
comfortably ruling you
who is definitely not your neighbour who
also runs his life
just like you
from the bunk beds
who also stares at the ceiling
if not his view is blocked
by the bottom of yours.


Andrea Heiberg lives and works in Denmark. Though Danish is her first language, her stories and poems are in English. Five years ago her short story collection, “Next Stop Sejer Island” was published by Salt in the UK. Andrea Heiberg has won contests with her work both in Denmark and in the US.