Sajid Javid and responsibilities, by Andrew C. Brown

His comment paid by column inches
played to a grateful audience. No irony
seen in refusal to equate similar standards
to his colleagues. The word hypocrite easily
rhymes and chimes with the word shit – an apt
if not a mellow description to the DWP’s lack of
acceptance to role they played in so many needless
claimant deaths. Paul DonnachieMark Wood, David
Barr, Stephen CarréLawrence BondDavid Clapson,
Susan RobertsAlan McArdleJodey Whiting. All
with human names treated like cattle and sheep
taken to market in knowledge of slaughter.
The UN knows who the assassins are;
UK government pardons them all.

Aleppo’s sixty-six words by Andrew C Brown

I sit in an ambulance
shaken, uncertain.
Strangers tell me
I am safe now.
I wipe warm blood
from my brow but
cold images remain.
Panic all around me.
People scream.
I hear crying.
I sense fear.
There is shouting.
I sit quiet.
More children arrive.
I am told my friend
will no longer be
able to play with
me among
rivers of