The Struggle by Bekah Steimel

I’m trying to light a cigarette

in a tornado

to break from the terrified child

and raise myself

like a flag of victory

waving to a world

of terrified children


I’m trying to build a snowman

in hell

to pit ice against flame

and believe whole-heartedly

that the fire will lose

that I will win

even if I must suffer through burns

that alter my reflection


I’m trying to strengthen my spine

though my binding is coming loose

to retain and clutch

the well-worn pages of my memories

while they try in desperation

to rip them out of my story

as though they were never written

Line Breaks by Bekah Steimel



and that is what we are

broken lines


is a strand of the poem

the greatest poem

the only poem

universally understood

kept in perpetual motion

by birth and death revisions

we erase no one

line breaks

the pause between people

standing single file

on our piece of the greatest poem

No One’s Scars Ever Match by Bekah Steimel

We think our wounds keep us separate

and unequal

we think our wounds are not understood

because they are not reflected

off another

But all pain is fraternal

sharing the genetics of hurt and disappointment

yet uniquely manifested

though my injuries may not mirror yours

though we may appear separate

and unequal

the common denominator of our tears

binds us all

with an invisible bandage

and we walk, tethered

through the gauntlet of existence


Bekah Steimel is a poet aspiring to be a better poet. She lives in St. Louis, MO  (USA) and can be found online at and followed @BekahSteimel on Twitter and Instagram.