Hush, Child, by Christy Bailey

They — the ubiquitous, omnipresent they

Told me
Loudly, and in no uncertain terms
That I was not sad.
That I was better off, really
(so much better off, honey, really).

They — the all-knowing, all-seeing they

Told me
Frequently, so that I wouldn’t (couldn’t ever) forget
That I was chosen.
That it was for the best, really
(so much better off, don’t be ungrateful, really).

They — the powers-that-be they

Told me
How I felt

How I didn’t feel
How I was allowed to feel
(I’m better off, I won’t be ungrateful, really.)

Told me.

But I am no longer a child
And I will no longer be hushed
I will whisper it into the dark
Until someday

Will tell