America is not great, by Colin Davies

I once aspired to be you
or at least just like you.
You were cool
you stuck it to the man,
You gave flowers to soldiers
and young men to wars.
But your hamburgers were legend
and your cities…
They were so tall.
I never knew the history
only the Hollywood statue.
Dreaming of walking on your land,
being invited in for apple pie,
and root beer.
But now,
I look over at you
and what you have become.
Cruel and detracted.
Give me your poor,
no more.
Tired huddled masses,
yearning to breathe with the free.
But the flaming lamp,
by the golden door,
has long been extinguished.
Refused at your teeming shore.
No more dreams,
not from me.
I long no more,
for the land of the free.
I long no more,
for the home of the brave.
As I don’t see bravery,
In keeping kids in a cage.
Goodbye liberty,
I hope you rise again.

Cry by Colin Davies

For I have a blessed life
Filled with love and pain
I have seen insane
So I

There is more than I can coupe with
In this world
With so little love
For each

For I see a life that refuses to die
To give up hope
In a god that has sent
Such evil to them

I never want to see their faces again
So take this money
I won’t listen to the record anyway
Just go away
Leave me here
To cry

What about the taken?
What about the fallen?
The neglected? The disected?
What about the children?
Dying in the streets of their home town
While playing football with a rock
It’s all they’ve got.

Then cry some more
Give a little change
Close the front door
And cry
Because you favourite is now
Out of the jungle