Death Comes as a Master from Academia, by Colin James

                              Surprisingly my nemesis
                              was substantially larger than me
                              and quite a bit younger.
                              I managed to distract him
                              with an ambiguous question.
                              Far be it me to throttle someone
                              when their back is turned.
                              I hit him straight on violently.
                              To divert blame I had designed a lettered
                              sweater always open at the neck,
                              compensating for a particularly thorough
                              good hiding at someone else’s convenience.

The Uppity Nigger Syndrome by Colin James

Negotiations like seasons waned.
The Dicaprio orgasm tried
as best it could to be gracious.
Kayakers complained.
The usual was not evident no more.
Cliffs were missing, overlooked.
The terrain became transparent.
Concessions to art, like Rap, continued
amongst up and down head movements
of the masses. Herds of whiter settlers
integral to their elitism prospered,

while mythical equality failed.