Man of the People, by David Babatunde Wilson

A man of the people
A man of the folk
He’s our kind of person
An everyday bloke

Schooled in posh Eton
In privilege and wealth
When ill he can skip
The National Health

He speaks for the masses
He speaks for the many
For those who have money
Or don’t have a penny

With a cabinet of cronies
And like-minded friends
Who’ll push through his Brexit
However it ends

He speaks as sees
In the North or the South
And only offends
When he opens his mouth

He says what he’s thinking
And doesn’t need notes
He’ll change his opinion
In the pursuit of votes

He’s a man of the people
And he’ll do what he can
To serve your best interests
If you’re a wealthy white man

Inalienable Rights by David Babatunde Wilson

Inalienable Rights
Inscribed and set down
In high sounding charters
And inspiring ideals

Inalienable Rights
Trampled underfoot
By militant boots
And despotic indifference

Inalienable Rights
Cast aside
By corporate assets
And capital growth

Inalienable Rights
Given nurture and growth
Challenging injustice
The potential of youth

Fracking by David Babatunde Wilson

So must we squeeze

Every last drop

Of gas and oil

From Earth’s embrace


Hungrily sucking on

The bounty of ages

A billion years

Of slow compression

Gone in a heart-beat


As our ancestors

Cracked open

Raw bone with fire

And greedily sucked

On marrow


To discard empty bone

Detritus of man’s hunger…


…So we the Earth