( ……….. ) by David R Mellor

It comes home

When it comes home

When he comes home

And she didn’t


It bites hard

When we don’t



to start

when he walked in

and she was carried



of the auditorium

the encores still trickling





when he comes home  

and  she didn’t   

Strong and Unstable by David R Mellor

Strong and unstable

Get down on your knees

You have nothing between your ears

Love me… love me, please

Don’t have a conscious

We can do without that

We’ve capped your ability to think clear

Vote for me…

I have lovely beads


I’m a strong bitch

I’ll kick your street lights out

I’ll make the north a level playing field

A car park with zero hours contractors at night


I have your best interests at heart…

You secretly don’t want to live that long

At the foodbank you can queue with your sort

And we can rest on our offshore banking, for sure


You can vote for a strong and stable death

I will put the nails in myself

They answered the call to prayer by David R Mellor

On their knees

For the unholy one ..

For the veil to fall on every woman’s face

Every beer to be swiped from every hand


They answered the call 

Of the devil, dry and poisonous to touch



 Ataturk’s throat


 Freedom of speech


Protesters and leave their bodies hanging in the streets

Turn Kurds

 Into dead meat


They answered the drum beat

Pounding through street

Let’s become greater Saudi Arabia

With me the sultan on the seat

This Bastard Generation by David R Mellor

The dust has settled

On this burnt out land

Wiping up a desert storm of hatred

“Get out of My Land”


This bastard generation took it upon themselves

To set fire to happiness

Torch a refugee home

Spit in the face of their neighbour,

 Drilled holes of hatred into their children’s eyes


The dust has settled

On this burnt out land


The dust had settled …

Poisoned the waterways and arteries

Of our land


Leaving behind only

This bastard generation

X marks the spot, it will hurt by David R Mellor

X marks the spot
It will hurt.

I don’t give a fuck about politics
Just my pound in the pocket
Cut the NHS
To the bare bone
Send that immigrant home

X marks the spot
It will hurt

But not me
I’ve got tax free savings
A mansion with no tax
Nothing will hurt me

And then…

I’m relying on an expert Indian surgeon
To save my frail mother

Too late

Sent one back
And the other is shut down

X marks the spot
And it did hurt