Bang, by David Ralph Lewis

10- A diplomatic communication is mistranslated.
9- A chemical plant triples its production.
8- Grass continues to grow, stubbornly ignorant.
7- In a small country, a single bullet is fired.
6- Denial, lies, confusion. More denial, more lies, more confusion.
5- I try to do nothing but inhale and exhale slowly.
4- The pavements are buried under a blizzard of newspaper.
3- Everyone is shouting but words have been forgotten.
2- A hawk hovers above the motorway, waiting to strike.
1- Without speaking, we agree to stay in bed. We wait.

White Noise By David Ralph Lewis

When my head is full and overflowing

with endless online arguments where

everyone is an instant expert;

with ceaseless competing clickbait,

and a plague of media bristling

to shout so many unproven headlines;

with wails and screams that rise and fall

mixing with the all-pervasive sirens;

When the world seems distant and immediate

I listen to the wise words of the wind

and allow it to rinse me clean.



David Ralph Lewis is a writer and poet living in Surrey. When not writing, he takes photos occasionally and dances badly at gigs. His website is