Drain the Swamp by David Wilson

Drain the swamp

Of corrupt institutions

That serve their own purpose

Political pollution


Drain the swamp

Of career politicians

Who cling on to power

Without inhibition


Drain the swamp

Of litigant suits

Who smother the spirit

Of democracy’s fruits


Drain the swamp

Of corruption and vice

And ignore my past

I’m really quite nice


Drain the swamp

And fill it again

With liars and bullies

And millionaire men


So fill up the swamp

With intolerant laws

And scrap all compassion

Without even a pause


Replace what’s been emptied

With venom and hate

And boast of abuse

By person or state


Insult the disabled

And Muslims and queers

There’s nothing to stop us

At least for four years


Unless enough people

Sit up and take note

Democracy’s more

Than a quinquennial vote


Let’s stand and assert

That now is the time

To drain the new swamp

With its new stench and new slime


Smother lies with the truth

Meet hatred with love

Counter fear with true hope

Let your song rise above!

Earth Sings by David Wilson

If Earth sings

What song would she sound?


A last lament

For wilderness lost

And dying coral seas?


The strident anthem

Of human industry

And Science’s advance?


A joyful dance

For each mother’s love

And hopeful birth?


Or bitter cries

For suffering man

Of hunger, thirst and war?


If Earth sings

Her complex song

Tells of these and more

The music swells

As if to say

Regard this Earth with awe

Anglophile (The Jungle) by David Wilson

Battered blue canvas

My home

Chilly shack

Shared with strangers

Now brothers


New family

Take the place

Of sisters shot

Or worse

Of brothers bombed



A few possessions

Prized photos

Faded passport

Water stained

By sea and tears


Muddy rucksack

With shabby worn shirts

And light-weight jacket

Poor protection

In winter’s chill wind



Yet none as precious

As faint hope

Of safe haven

In the land

I learnt of in youth


A land of hope

And democracy

Of free press


World-class university

Somewhere I know

I can be free



But now flames lick

At my meagre home

Belongings held close

Clinging to faith

In intangible dream


Take hope away

And you burn my soul


Journey’s End by David Wilson

Journey’s end?

The sharp crack of a shot

Neither heard nor felt



Journey’s end?

The cold embrace

A single panicked gasp

Lost in inky seas


Journey’s end?

The tramp of feet

On dusty roads

Rumour for a map


Journey’s end?

Razor-sharp wire

And hard faced men

Barriers to compassion


Journey’s end?

The drawn out hours

And days of waiting

For crowded bus or train


Journey’s end!

A helping hand

The generosity of strangers

A new journey begins

Sightless Eyes by David Wilson

Sightless, staring

Arms and legs

Gently washed

By incoming waves


Bare feet

That will never

Skip and run

On freedom’s beach


“The migrant swarm”

“Scrounging benefits”

“Take our jobs”

“Impossible burden”


In ignorance and fear

We step back

Behind barbed wire

Fortress Europe


Choose sightless eyes

That see not death

Nor sorrow

Nor hope