It Had by Dominic Albanese

come to pass
only appearances
evolved-grew-remained static
models, concrete, not mud
or straw
commerce caves….
women weeping
but not for long
yet among men
this same
*golden calf*
now full grown
stood near doors of
a brass girl…laughed
one more time
this unbroken circle
of all our sins
became a knot…none
of us not one of us
could un-tie………
phony teachers + preachers
sleep in silk sheets
some where….on either
a hill or an island
one watches….yet
one sees


Ballistic by Dominic Albanese

2,100 trans gender people
killed since 2003 or so world wide
a corrupt govt here
in lock step with
in 4000 dollar suits
kids not get enough to eat
abuse neglect slander libel
an more cock a mamey lies
en Fibber MaGee….movie prophesy
songs poems polemics
nuke leak oil leak assorted natural
an man made disasters
is it gonna be Mad Max
or Monkey bang on monolith
I don’t know
religion greed politic greed
upmanshad …silly willy an the gang
calling all cars BOLO for any
*other*needs a bullet letter
to extinction
while really fat rich people
plot some outer space escape
leaving us me you n Gus
the mess they made
who knows? a whimper a bang
earthquake flood tornado?
or a
bunch of us
sittin on benches
crying bout why

Focus by Dominic Albanese

when you
can go
to Vegas (or on line)
and get a bet down
on how
many kids today
are gonna get blown to bits
in Syria….Yemen….Iraq
or any other hell hole
in a never ending war for profit
easy as ya can on a *points spread*

ever notice how quiet the stands get
when one of the Gladiators goes down
Ima just have my coffee now
wonder where when n how
all this shit

Oh Sure by Dominic Albanese

they said
when I tried to complain
this…”lemming smart phone cliff jumping”
I did
an was called ….lets see
a dinosaur
a relic
a stubborn old fuck
n an impede to social progress
of what I was called…to fit here any way
ya gotta have a smart phone
to either
play poke yr eye out go
collect yr welfare check
sign up for the best deal
condoms to rocket trips
and busy as 19 beavers
o a cub bear trying to fornicate a foot ball
Mr…NSA an all his merry band of
alphabet bros
are in yr bizznezz
under yr skirt n up yr nose

Truth in Advertizing by Dominic Albanese

as I am sure
those sitting in
are “well intended”
a pure pander act
like that
come the fuck on
compare the rage the outrage
the action the debate
lead water
war unending
o boy guns

when those same ones
yes not just the GOP take
back sheesh
if you
think this is about your safety
not your vote\
too stupid to vote

Misdirection by Dominic Albanese

get mad at a gun
see if that gun even gives a tiny fuck
what is missing is real…..revolt…
political mall practice
profit over people
corporate indifference
“this too shall pass”
n next month
it will be all bout Bambi…..n….Godzilla
voice of people now is
falling on deaf ears
“thoughts n prayers”
are as empty
a a clip of that AR….left still hot
with blood n burned gun powder
nope …..look at eyes dead inside
we pay ball players millions
teachers gotta buy pencils
with a wage slave salary
ya got it all wrong……..ask your self me you an
aunt Tabitha n uncle Barney
what can I give
what can I get
elect no body….chase em out
call for a voice of reason
a pat on yr ass….and a kiss for a baby

Figures by Dominic Albanese

OK I think I got it figured out…..bear (ursus) with me here….you change yr “profile” picture…right an ya wanna wear fake diamonds n pearls galore ya get em st the five and ten sent store an ya wanna look like Za Za Gabor…..ok…so in the bowels of some cubicle warren…either in California or India…where ever…there are these…..(bots real people algorithms or magic fingers)who swap yr photo right?,,,,,,so there is no “private” expressed or implied right?…and I all of a sudden imagine my self in that job…here it comes……….after 93 dick pics 436 slather posts…..763 begging on bend knee “baby baby please come back” bored to tears…..I start to swap em like dealing cards…hahahahah the ace of bayshore blvd becomes the queen of Rochester and of course my own profile pic is Robert Mitch-um or Sam Elliot….and just this morning my buddy was posing a theory bout my luck with women…case direct quote….”you sure never placed in a Robert Redford look alike have ya?”…….ahhh Face Book where yr just a mouse click away form “”””””””top o the world ma” the stuff dreams are made of……poof…now I look like Betty Grable..or Rocky…poof…..I am so easy t amuse

So it Seems by Dominic Albanese

the live in mom”s
basement gang
has made
it official
Hillary hired some hackers
get into their most private sections
n expose Bernie supporters as
wankers…..assorted strands of
pasta are now linked … DNA
cows cross roads only
when they have a chance to
get run over by
all this just at 7 AM
desperately need a new
hobby… scrolling has
taken its toll on

Depending by Dominic Albanese

on change
of power
is as realistic as
avoiding bad weather
we live in this new era
of….mother fucker did you see that shit
on social media?
damm we gotta do something
then the bills come in
some ass bite boss is busting yr cones
about a jones for more hours
big boss needs a new Ferrari
on 13th street…maggy a bag lady
has two ole cookies n a half pint of milk
what to do what to do
is not up to them
it is up to you………..aid those in need
clothe comfort n feed
ashes ashes all fall down

In Other News by Dominic Albanese

bank accounts are
some how linked
to both CIA and MI 6 accounts
all of a sudden every body
is “stunned” I am
these new cyber sluthes
were not born
when real skull duggery
was a foot…..AIR AMERICA
in Central America/……war lords drug dealers
happy as pigs in shit
I my self with my own eyes
an PRC 13 radio….over hear old C 123 radio chatter
n watched
a T-20 parachute land
a conex container of money
on a remote hill in Laos
n the guys who picked it up
had gold teeth and new AK 47s
not looking like the peace corps
or the UAIA aid…..STICKERS
used then as what would pass
for computer encrypted now
teen age hackers
are telling truths
that should make ya mad
yawn n change the channel maybe
some…..”celebrity” is showing
a bit

25 million fish by Dominic Albanese

25 million fish
Governor Scott….does diddly squat
but you can bet
he will sign any
that makes sugar
oil money
as 3 rivers die
hold it stand by
he will send another “consulting commentate”\
who will only match him
in doing not a mother fucking thing

he recommends more funds
for tourist advertising
the rest of us

Social Breakdown by Dominic Albanese

what you are seeing
is “I love the poorly educated”
it is fine to not like OK here I go

even to hate em…..cause
Daddy….be good
n give me a new car
n my Doctor bills
my credit card debt
keep dem bankers happy
o Pappy….shareholder orgasms no extra charge
divided by lack of both compassion and tolerance
playing a song
that a gang of former Southern Democrats
an today’s Republican party
love so well
Kate Smith…..n God bless all us
white people n amber waves of grain
full of Roundup…..let that oil flow
go go go
n look here Mr Obama
we tole you all
150 years ago
to get back to picking cotton
n leave us Landed Gentry

Could Be by Dominic Albanese

really n truly
a big
either con game
side show
this entire set of
n social order
can you not see
there are among us maybe 600 people
who could fill pick up trucks full
of cash
from interest on loans
they made to
Joe Shit the rag picker
from his 3 dollars of tax
on his 9 dollars of pay
n Willy Bob Betty n Judy,,,,,,all pay
then get old
n get a kick back just enough
to get by on…..(barely) while
supposed leaders keep up
either giant pile of hammered manure
called……Nation Building
or’……spreading policy ……..drilling for oil
each idea is more belligerent than the
idea before it
n one one quiet deck side morning
staring out at flowers n happy grass
ask yr self
did this massive debt….bait and switch
called Progress
really make my day
easy….was I spiritually fed
did I die a bit each day
my daily bread

5.10 a.m. by Dominic Albanese

woke up grumpy n sad
of places I been
people I knew….and know
hungry bears
die off bees
birds n other creatures loosing places
safety….absolute fuckwad dipshit morons
running for office
excess consumption…..material greed
never even mind paper stack assholes who
breed on other people’s “investments”
sick to my soul
every artist… matter who
use what is already here
wanna make statues go da junkyard
use ole bumpers n doors
wanna paint….mix your own
writers save paper…be aware of waste
this is indeed our only place
straight up…..sustain
not complain
we are in a process
of destroying our rock in space
smug face
callin em self “rich”
so….I must….for a few days
sort of pull in my own horns
bassoons…baboons…..chitter chatter snarl
moan….decry…..I am scared
not afraid to admit it
between hate n fear n profit
I sit here
peace on earth good will towards men
a puddle soaked Christmas card
been marked “return to sender”
no such address no such zone



Scary Parts by Dominic Albanese

not movies
real life
with adoring money an
those who have it
as if they bought respect
brains or status… passing
some self puff up….false flag fly
takes low road…symposium town hall
stuffs all….manner of crazy puss bust
slimy bullshit to gullible “hard choice to call em”
followers…then act out
as if given permission by daddy
to be an asshole
then…claim he would be “dear leader”
I gotta
be on another set of rabbit ears
this shit is like 60 years ago
red menace is now islamophobia…turned to
internet war…n comedy
but you might not
be laughing…..