National Poetry Day Freedom poems part 2: Freedom, what it means to me… by Gaz the Trailblazer

Obviously I could say it’s being out on my bike, not staying indoors watching tv.
But with everything going on in the world there’s a bigger picture I’m sure more people will see, so I wrote this poem as my understanding, not as my belief.

There’s something more to the structure and I’ll try to keep this brief, it’s an illusion and there are solutions that could ultimately give us relief. 
I know things are bad, very bad indeed.

But we are missing the simplicity while talking about money corruption and greed.

Apparently most people hear the word sovereignty and misunderstand what it means. It’s not about nation states, royalty and the queen. 

Individually It is our ability to disengage from the system by peaceful means.

But you must know the language being used and how it can easily mislead. 

There is a choice and response-ability when it comes to being free. 

The system asks for your sovereignty.

They confuse and confound you and aim to control your reality, tricking you into conformity. 

There is a war for your mind, I hope in time more people will see.

They know you have the capability if only you could be

more inquisitive and figure out

legislation is voluntary.

Thought in action and subject matter jurisdiction is how we contract into their fiction. 

There is a solution and your conduct is key, passive language and asking the right questions will present you the remedy.  
There is always a choice, although it’s hard to see. 

If you don’t contract 

there can be no case

so long as you cause no harm loss or injury.

Do not acknowledge the name.

Respond appropriately 

Are you addressing me ?

Who is addressing me ?

Accept and acknowledge their oath of office, ask civil or criminal and know your response and moment to leave. 

This has been done by a few brave men who had nothing to lose or just felt the need

To figure out the bigger picture that I’m sure more people will see

This is deeper than the globalists and all the tyranny.

While there is the threat of force there is subtle linguistic trickery.

Words are all they have to deceive you and me. 

When we lose the fear and use our sovereignty only then can we truly be free.