How Many Bullets, by Giselle Marks

How many bullets
Mean freedom to you?
How many people
Do you need to die?
Is one not enough
Or doesn’t twenty sate your bloody lust?

How many bullets
And how many dead?
Children and women
Do you need to kill?
Do you feel a man
Taking many lives?
Sorry for your hate
Sadder for those who met a bloody fate!

How many bullets
And how many guns
Must you sell today?
Not an honest buck
No you don’t give a …
How many will fall
As long as they pay
In slaughtered innocence today

Children Need Love, by Giselle Marks

Into the world another baby is born
From warmth of mother’s womb torn
Raging with emotion, always demanding
Breathing, crying, kicking and screaming

Into the world another child is brought
Miracle – man and woman have wrought
Give each child everything they need
Children need more than ample feed

Food and warmth are not quite enough
The world around us is really tough
A child needs teaching, a child needs love
Expect no manna sent from above

To have children is a precious prize
No clone, an unknown with family ties
A daunting task all parents will find
Ties which were always meant to bind

Parents, please your children cherish
Fragile creatures who so easily perish
They’ll come to be the new mankind
Yet love nurtures both heart and mind

We can’t promise the world will live on
So love each daughter and every son
But children we should help to become
Then to hatred they will not succumb

Into the world another child is born
Expel all prejudice, hate and scorn
So each can love and be loved in return
Dream that all adults will finally learn

Hate Speech, by Giselle Marks

Why do so many people love to hate?
Anyone different, why don’t they wait
and think before they spout their scorn?
Don’t feel happy as hearts are so torn.

You’re dirty, disgusting, a faggot, you’re gay
and those are the nicest words they will say.
Try to understand the problems they’ve had
Don’t defile them and declare they’re bad.

Terrorist, towel-head, Aarab and worse
often accompanied by an inaccurate curse.
As they pour hate, the more they hate back
and so continue the wars and attacks.

I just wish the world would be friends
because only then will the hatred end.
What good does invective, the slurs & despite
It nurtures the loathing and then we all fight.

It’s not really our business how they choose to live
if they don’t hurt others why can’t you give
a little love in their direction, then you might see
how wonderful those other people can be.

The Best Berries, by Giselle Marks

The best berries are out of reach
climb my tangled limbs
and stretch for my fruit.

More valuable than those nearby
worth the bleeding and the pain
as my thorns scar you.

Stain your fingers with purple juice
scratch below the surface
of your skin and we’ll become one.

Within my prickles my pride still blooms
and I grow and stretch my limbs
into your consciousness.

You will value my fruit more
because each berry was a battle won
and the scratches your scarlet ribbons of courage.

The Lions’ Supper, by Giselle Marks

Deep in the velvet dark of night, Africa comes alive
Stalking easy prey, hungry lions hope to survive
Animals stay wary, knowing dangers surround
Drink with great care as crocodiles abound.
Some must die so others can feed and thrive
Savage bloody existence, fight and strive
Keeping together, listening to each distant sound
Life is precious – the wild’s no kid’s playground.
Stealthily strangers creep who seek to kill
Mostly for money but also for the thrill
The lion pride smells a new scent in the air
They hunt the hunters, who shouldn’t be there
The lions see better the men as they walk
Licking their lips as the prey they do stalk
They crouch low and bite as they spring
Then it’s all over, they’re food for the king.
No sympathy for those who kill and steal
At least they gave the lions a good meal.

Candlelit Dinner by Giselle Marks

Imagine, imagine a candlelit dinner –
Shut my eyes – let the air grow thinner
Sail away on a moon-drenched dream
Breathe in an idyllic Caribbean scene.
Let the sea lap gently at the shore
Feel the breeze tickle ev’ry single pore.
Hear nature chirrup and call out loud
Allow happiness to make me proud.

I can write such a sweet romance
My words the picture can enhance
Live vicariously through others’ eyes
Fiction’s perfumed smoke of lies
Wrestle monsters in fabled halls
Bedazzling magic distantly calls
Expelling the ugly enemies of life
Poverty, war, disease and strife.

The grisly four mount up their horses
Fated to destroy man’s resources
Should we scapegoat an allegory?
Because life is only transitory.
Letting phantasms take the blame
For polluting life’s perfect flame
Powers have long been maligned
But the worst evil is mankind.

Frightened Men by Giselle Marks

Men are scared
Men are angry
Men deny that it is true

They say –
It was long ago
It was not wrong
It wasn’t so very bad

Women accuse men
Women are angry
Men say –
Women must be telling lies

Women say –
Men groped
Men raped
Men are still telling lies

Men say –
It is not proven
It is so unfair
But men are getting fired

One woman says
Two women say
Many women say the same
How many will prove it true?

Down with fake news by Giselle Marks

I really need to have my say

Truthfulness has been lost today

Alternate news should go away

Lies should not be allowed to pay

I worry children will be swayed

Believing falsehoods are OK.

If adults lie, how can they weigh

simple truth against common clay.

Don’t twist, bend or let words stray

Speak only truth and I’ll shout hurrah!

World View by Giselle Marks

It’s hard to gaze so far afield

hard to see more than just Mann

hard when distance has concealed

the world outside. I can only scan

from media within my home.


Filtered through another’s mind

aspects which with care are picked

the earth is more than humankind

love or hate choose to inflict

on nature wherever they roam.


Around me, beauty uncontrolled

the ocean, sky and ‘neath me land

life mighier than you’ve been told

marred only by what man has planned

made from concrete, plastic, chrome.

Tapeworm by Giselle Marks

I love nature, the world is so fine

everything’s in its proper place,

even me here in mine.

But some days I consider

if creepy crawlies would be missed.

Spiders kill flies which is good

and leeches cleanse the blood,

but do tapeworms need to exist?


Bees and worms are of great use

pollenating flowers and making honey

while the worms break down refuse

to help us survive and make money.

A tick is something I cannot justify

they spread disease to all who pass.

I look at today’s political farce

A similarity occurs I need to ratify.


The tick is too small to really compare

with the revulsion I feel for this bugbear.

But tapeworms are ugly parasites

they take the food that’s yours by rights.

Slimy, foul and very unpleasant

should I just say the non-president.


Hold him supreme?

What a stupid dream!

The office he’s not worthy of

as he destroys all you love.

He makes me squirm

More than the tapeworm.

Crones by Giselle Marks

I don’t like the word crone

I doubt that I am alone

In feeling women should never


Be called by it

It is not a matter of if, the cap fit

-ted but that men when old

and grumpy are not called scold.

Cantankerous may be true

But Crones are ugly through and through.

So don’t objectify us

Crone is almost a cuss

word. And we should fight

for the right

to be treated with respect.

So crone deserves neglect

to protect

and redirect

the misogyny of mankind

because it is cruel and unkind.