Guns in the Jungle by Jane Fuller

It’s jungli in the school yard
jungli on the streets
jungli in the sportshall
jungli where they meet
Jungli as the ammo
leaves the magazine
jungli when a profile
stays unseen

Jungli through the hallways
behind the classroom doors
a practised jungli marksman
begging your applause
Jungli when the schoolkids
line up dead
is a word
ricocheting round my head.


Candles Will Never Look The Same by Jane Fuller

Light a candle for

Afolabi, Mahmoud, Billy, Ishtar

and the nameless

taking up too little space to be noticed.


Light a candle for the ones

who attended to the rules,

trusting in the sanctuary

of their new-found homes.


Light a candle for this wick

forced into corrupted wax

now whisps of smoke

across the skyline.