As millions starve by John Collins

As millions starve,
many others lift crystal goblets
and sup in regal halls.
Royalty dine while
masses hunger and
search for a decent bowl of beans.
Steak, Kaviar, wine are served
on porcelain or china plates
while the garbage dump is being searched
for a scrap of mouldy bread
by unclad, cold and dirty children
seeking a cup of clean water.
A dynasty of the elite
making deals with their
manipulative language
and the elected discuss fraud
in a volcabulary of trickery.
But life goes on in the castle
or amid the smell of rot,
but rot is bilateral.

To whom much is given,
much is required.


War by John Collins

God has not signed off on war,
though each side assumes His approval
and proudly proclaim that God has chosen “My side.”
God must be thought of as a multiple choice God,
or maybe, He just can’t make up His mind,
or just maybe, He refuses to support either.
Is God on the sidelines like this is a sporting event?
Maybe like a parent, He leaves it to kids to settle.
No, God has abandoned the battlefield,
He has seen enough blood, He wants no more.
He has witnessed the pain, He has felt the hurt,
He has cried enough, and pleaded enough,
and now, after giving in a word the solution, love
He cries, shedding tears as men go on loading their guns,
and as they march away from any logic,
following the road labeled hate,
rejecting the fork labeled love.