Chloe says by John Panian

Chloe says it is

impossible to carry

on with the day

knowing that innocent

people are dying.  RIP

(little red heart)


Then how, i wonder,

did she carry on

yesterday or the

day before and how

will we carry on

tomorrow?  How

do the innocent

carry anything?


All of us carry the day

with shoulders never

broad enough.  They

start out too small

and they stay that way.


Our stretchers stretch and

stretch but never seem to

stretch enough to carry all

that need to be carried.


Our eyes turn and

turn with the turning

of the earth.  Sight-

less they spin in our

skulls until smoke greys

the air around us, clouds

our ears and clogs the

empty places where un-

heard ghosts all go to die.


They too turn in their own

innocent dance, spinning

across the ball room, the

roomless ball, through bottom-

less halls they spin and fall.

And less is never enough.


John Panian is, in no particular order, a chef, photographer, arm-chair linguist, poet, barista and pseudo-intellectual who spends every free moment he has reading, reading about, studying, eating, breathing, writing and dreaming poetry.  He shares his images, words and madness at and is the editor of where he shares poetry related quotes weekly, but not weekly.