I Had a Dream by Leah Cohen

I dreamed Carphone warehouse said, ‘may I help you’
I thought I was hearing things. Could that be true?
But they looked at my mobile and then, in a snap
said ‘throw out this model. It’s nothing but crap!’

I said ‘When I bought it, you swore it was good
‘it’s our business to cheat you. I did what I should!
I looked at him strangely. ‘You’re nothing but crooks’
He smiled ‘we were trained and we go by the books’

I had a dream Carphone said ‘don’t buy one here
‘But I need one’ I said. If not here, tell me where
‘To tell you the truth, There’s not much you can do
One’s as bad as the next. Free’s the same as 02’

I had a dream they said, ‘Our job’s to sell phones
we’re not here to help you with all of your moans
when the contract is signed, we’re through, – get it, friend?
then we overcharge all calls  and texts that you send’

Oh, we’ll come up with new offers day after day
hype blackberrys, Iphones, whatever you say!
People are sheeple. They believe what you tell em
believe me, we don’t have to work hard to sell em!

the batteries don’t last. The phones are a blast
they’re overpriced junk yet they’re bought very fast
and though we act smart, it’s part of the plot
We know nothing of phones but we’ll tell you a lot
and we’ll fill you with lies cos we do want your trade
and that’s the truth, -like it or not –  I’m afraid

I had a dream Carphone took back the phone
made me some coffee, some cream and a scone
The guy was so nice, He was from Czechslovakia
I couldn’t believe he gave me a free nokia

It’s simple and straight. just makes and takes calls
and costs me 4p per, and yes – never stalls
I had a dream, Carphone said ‘Sure, we’ll help you’

Duelogue by Leah Cohen

(to be read at the same time)


‘Must you get into my bed
It’s late and I will waken soon.
Alright.  Yes – but not so close
I hate the smell of you, your hair
Your body is too warm
You sweat too much.
Your hand is digging in my back.
What is that ticking in my ear?
Yes, move it please.  Not that-
the left one….better…yes,
much better now.
What? Questions at this time of night?
I said I have to waken soon
Look, why not go into your bed
snoring keeps me up.
I’m not rejecting you.
My bones ache.
What do you expect of me?
Suffer just to see you smile?
Your ‘lackys’ do that for you.
Don’t confuse me with…
I’m not in that mould
Never was. no. Not me ever
What? You’re asking why
I treat you this way
what way?
Isn’t it what you deserve?
You’re not worth more
so don’t complain.
Be grateful that I let you stay
a roof over your head
and money.  Half of what I earn
you get
for nothing.
No, – I don’t hate you
Go to sleep
so I can get some rest.
Yes, yes.  Of course I love you.
Now leave me alone.

(see the other half )
to be read at same time as above poem.


‘Your body is so still
It’s late and yes,
you spent the night with her
Your hair was messed when you
came in, your clothes all creased
but when I look at you
I melt
to lie beside you
have you reach your hand toward me.
Your face near mine.
creep in, cuddle close and wrap my arm
around your back
and feel you pull away.
The essence of her still no doubt
with you.
Why must you play this awful game
with me.
….what if you aren’t playing
what if… it’s real!
What if you’ve nothing left to give me
but your pain.
Please now
this moment…
please, don’t wait
do something.
Anything will do.
I need you
please don’t pull away
I don’t sleep with, without you
‘ternally awake.
Can’t even talk.  You shut me out.
Blur my words so they
are swallowed in one gulp of air.
I lie in silence
like a cat. Wounded
in its pool of sweat.
Please.  Please, I beg you.
Just a tender kiss…’

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Flesh and Bones (poem sequence) by Leah Cohen


Crush them! They’re mine and so they’re yours to crush
You’re big and strong, a handsome man.
Do it well
A broken plate. Thrust my body into it. The plate is ours
so you can cast it fearlessly.
I will remain
Oh yes, I will remain
A victim in your place
Without me here to hurt
who then?


Please don’t tell me how I lie and cheat
and weasel in and out
while you invent the rules
to all the games we play
Because I’m deafened to your words
your face…your voice
Because you’ve come into my thoughts
as someone who has ceased to live
in any web I build
I haven’t said a word
My lips are sealed forever
You have sewn them well!


Take the liquid that you put into my veins
and drink it till you’re blue as it was
once inside of me
Drink it down in hefty dose
You’ll need it all
For when I make you bleed
Oh yes! Oh yes I will!
And if not me, then those who follow after
with their eyes
Will bleed you to the death of time
and follow you. I promise..
I won’t watch!


Throw me down a million times, and watch me painlessly return to melt inside of you
Have I no dignity? No pride?
I ask myself. I ask myself and then deny the words I hear.
I’m only flesh and bone, after all.

Abuse Poem – I’m going back to him by Leah Cohen

I’m going back to him, she says
Her face and body, black and blue
So puffed, she’s like a blimp
‘You know I’m going back’
the only reason that he’s jailed is that he’s Black

(‘and not because  he beat you to a pulp with just his feet,’
I tell myself, but know my words to her will be unheard).

‘I love him. Every bit of him’ she says
You’ll never understand, the way I do, his ways
He gives me every single part of him
his anger and his grief, he shares
he knows that I’m the only one who cares
I’m going back to him’ she says,
‘You know I’m going back’

She sticks her mobile phone right in my face
‘This’ she says, ‘- my freedom pass to leave this place
you think you’ll keep me here with all your talk
I’m leaving here as soon as I can go walk
I know where I belong. I know he’s mine
Our souls are one. You know, they’re intertwined

You’ll never understand. You’ll never know.
You think this is a safe house. Safe from life
From grief and anger and the tears of strife

Don’t you know that’s what our lives are woven of
Not all the crud you whimpering souls describe as love
He comes to me in need. I’m there for him
You think you’re right and that my situation’s grim

I said you’ll never understand my need
I’m going back to him to plant his seed
Oh yes, he will be father to my child
No. My concussion hasn’t left me wild
He’s mine. My man. My love. My one desire
He clocks my heart with his. He is my fire.

You want to cure me? Make me feel my worth?
Don’t bother. There is nothing to unearth
Your World’s so pure and polished. Look at you
Dressed to the hilt. You’ve nothing else to do
but volunteer your time. What crime
It’s me, you fool, that’s free – not you
you’ll never leave the confines of this zoo!

Skeletons by Leah Cohen

I’ve traveled far and wide with you
Hiding skeletons in closets

one day I opened the present
and found a necklace
made of bones

                                        Now I wear it
how long
it takes

Last Night by Leah Cohen

He must be in a lot of pain
to slap her round as hard as that
She wonders what she did to him
And now he’s gone and trashed the flat

The kids are peering through the door
She prays they didn’t see her fall
What are they thinking, little ones
what are they learning. They’re so small

She’s crying now. Her body still
After his big final swing
He’s spitting at her, cursing loud
The neighbours must hear everything

She’s on the floor, curled in a heap
the pain’s so bad, she’s gone all numb
and blood is pouring from her mouth
He leaves the house. Calls it a slum.

The kids don’t move. Their eyes so wide
They’re shaking yes, their fists cling tight
hidden in the dark, as ever, waiting
through the long cold night

Next day, new day. She’s up at dawn
The smell of coffee fills the room
she wakes the kids. He hums a tune
She smiles, Sweeps last night with a broom