Hugh by Li

“Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream,”
–Hugh Hefner


A titanic red velveteen heart

Is strewn with pumped smackers

and laced cheeks.


Cleaving the rouged organ

lies a shriveled john

sporting a Viagran Pole.


Boy whose daddy

said boys will be boys.

Boy who was told that

girls were his toys.

Boy who was trained

to pay is to get.

Boy who believes

bunnies are pets.


Girls whose mommies

and daddies call pretty,

say when you have looks

you don’t have to be witty.

Girls who have boyfriends

for the 5th grade dance.

Girls who got boob jobs

as graduation presents.

Girls whose first blow jobs

Were their fingers down their throats

Snagging gram’s ex-lax

And wearing baggy coats.


Girls who believe it won’t hurt that much

Just pop a Xanax, it’s your best crutch

So what if he’s ugly and smells like old man

Your purse overflows and how great is your tan!

Girls put on ears, they put on the tail,

Girls live in a mansion, girls wiggle for male.

Girls blow the live mummy with a Cheshire cat grin

Girls groomed from day 1 that it isn’t a sin.

The mummy insists that he must live his dream

Too bad for the bunnies who swallow his cream.