Pandora, by Lilo Umpfenbach Ducommun

Pandora, what have you done?
Trolls turned loose
Cancelled all rules
Common courtesy
Overrun by rude, crude
Heartless responses
Kindness equals weakness
So the trolls declare
Knocked down still moving
Kick until comatose
A Miasma of sadness
Hovers over all
Pandora, you still hold Hope
Strengthen & release before it’s too late

Status: by Lilo Umpfenbach Ducommun

So many cracks & the light comes in
blinding – the comfortable low light gone
Our mercenaries are fighting wars even they don’t believe in
it’s a job and there are contracts, aren’t there?
We are asked to thank them for their sacrifice,
fighting to keep us free, are we?
Deception, delusion and Illusions rule
Reality has left the building