Austerity by Lucy Furlong

in each escape from the latest cut
there is no trusty hat pulled out
from a closing tomb or laser
forcefield , avalanche, landslide

each escape is a letting go
of a dream, a job, a holiday, a meal,
a home, an ambition, an expectation,
a future, security, equality, a chance

is being homeless-at-home in middle age
a single parent with the rug pulled out
in debt, ignored, lonely, anxious, desperate
the sheets hanging out of the window

unknotted and falling, no one to catch us
when we



a harder nudge each few months
while I Brace! Brace! for both of us

hope against hope the push from
behind is pushed out of office and

^ up ^

before there is nothing left to cut

Syrian Children Sleeping in your Newsfeed by Lucy Furlong

The last day to register to vote: make sure you still have a voice for a bit of bargain Friday fun. Animal photos of 2015 risk revealed in free live webinar, the few fleeing journalists who get the project, can stop diy butter where Syrian children are sleeping.

Teargas is being sold well, worth supporting. My water cannon video is now live. The gun not there, a guilty shit captain, the baby elephant emptied his rifle into a schoolgirl. People, who act like a puppy would never wear dentures, approve genetically modified salmon for carer’s food today, stuck between your throat where Syrian children are sleeping.

Sinking stomach, hit by surprise premature ageing – is he pregnant or just old-fashioned? Did you get a feeling something like entirely typical weather? Every time you share this picture of a homophobic person, make sure it isn’t you! This Friday 1.9 million trans people could lose their vote in a men’s prison, where Syrian children are sleeping.

Judge in landmark ruling on the smell of rosewater, should be allowed to drown. Seafront venue creates salt and pepper mill lifejackets. I do must-see design for your taste in junkies. Contemporary refugees relocate into your tribal neighbourhood. Works on paper, pay to breathe, pretend it’s a holiday; no comment on where Syrian children are sleeping.

We cover bomb attacks too – thousands less interested people are planning to visit this time of year. Working gunmen reading poems become a new host, earn extra foreign money this autumn. Policy doesn’t seem to be working – is the new name so hard to understand where Syrian children are sleeping.


Lucy Furlong’s writing has been widely published. Her poetry map, Amniotic City, was featured in The Guardian, and her second map, Over the Fields, was published in September. A collection of her poems,clew, is available from Hesterglock Press.
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