Go Outside by Lyndsay Burtonshaw

Today, I didn’t want to go outside
haven’t looked at the news
heard regurgitated views
jubilant celebrated despite their barefaced lies
two mansions and no spare space inside?
they dared to tell us – abide by economic doctrine
sit down and heed this mocking
so-called need as we bleed you
with cuts with austerity
not much for the plenty
and outsourced welfare to Atos
they said it would be chaos
without them as the boss
and you’d see the costs be worst off without their cross in your box
but they lied
fat white heads head high with swaggering sickening pride
while people actually died
they couldn’t state why until too late
Oh – and wait
their names weren’t cried
at the state election celebrations at set stations
in mews and roads and avenues in normal towns
once home to normal people, with normal frowns
as they tried to survive under skies of a regime that tried nationwide
to erase their subsiding to provide
squash working class pride
but you know it’s true – they lied
We are the salt of the earth
daring to try
besides – our hearts have a girth swollen with perpetual mirth
and hope to birth the ability to grow tranquility
to not just cope
Don’t mope
we can more than survive
thrive – bite that hand that feeds you shit
we belong to our lives, this land and everything in it
we have commoner’s logic and memories with it
I ask you darling, go outside
don’t let this fake mate stalemate state
dictate how your life fluctuates
remember to salivate to create
stay up late with life’s questions that you ate inside out and see
beyond drip-fed tries to ply you
there is life beyond a state that lies
Murmurate, create and celebrate this life together
don’t hide, go outside

Saturday May 8th 2015