Normalists, by Marizela Ríos Toledo, translated by Yolanda Duque Vidal

They are students.
Bodies and faces that still outline in the sweetness of twilights
of their hills
Avid meat with brief doses of audacious epiphany
in the age of the innocence of their nature without wrinkles.
With stridency
the bronze kills the sparkling alchemy of their paradises
Their true self
Their freedom!
The needs of reconcile with the close gold of their dreams.
Today they are not having the presence of matter in social statistics.
Their heads
skyscrapers of unexplored adventures
they have lost the compass of the world!
the extremes of the history and their transformations
the embrace with their cardinal’s points.
They was been killed without reason
They was been heartless in their eyes and their tongues
They was been dehumanized them from their collective heritage
From their unique love!
Forty-three hypothetical homicides
they were committed by the carnal servitude.
The false justice!
Forty-three times they covered with obstacles
each delivery of hesitations

Collapsed, by Marizela Ríos Toledo

In the rubble
we look for each other without explanations
we are almost dead
in the time inside and outside, subordinated
glimpsing the advantages
raw of pain, fed up with putrefy
In the descent of the air, we are exiled
Life dies in the mouths that pray dust
The tears are translucent blood
..they become stone
Without sense,
we make an shrine
to the coffee maker or a shoe
and of one conjecture,
we formulate nostalgias
… “Why I didn’t love you before?” …
… “It would be good to know that you still breathe” …
… “we need you” …
“… tomorrow the world is nothing without you ” …

(Ah, craven)
Futile is your compassion!
You buried, intensify your pain
You fill me with your fright
your fingers are impossible handcuffs
you urinated on your psalms
and you’re wet until the next collapse
in the hell.
My pupils go through the gaps that stagnate
in your dark circles
…………………….in the shroud of your face …
And I don’t know what to say about the damned tuning fork
that plunges my head into another hell!
Fears stir us up
we swallow them with nausea
with empty breath
with hungry in the brain.
…You lost me…
…………………………….I have lost you…
No! … Another lie!
We are almost dead between two impacts!
Your throat is made pothole
and you do not breathe
the mud on my back becomes a grave
beyond the steam that escapes from that coffee machine
without knowing who we are
before the calendar celebrates the heroism.
We are other animals
the night hits us all day long!
the words are ashes
we groan, they meow, I bark then
like them, like the others.
Without being any, without knowing for where
we go back to the beginning …
…………………………………………to the belly, or to nothing.

…………………………………I HAVE LOST YOU.


MARIZELA RÍOS TOLEDO (Juchitán de Zaragoza Oaxaca, México. Titulada en la carrera de Lengua y Literatura Españolas con Especialidad en Competencias Docentes emitida por la UPN Ha publicado los libros de poemas: Especialista  en Soledades Edit. Praxis (1999), Porque nací del sur Edit. Praxis (2000). Obra suya ha sido compilada en la Antología Letras Mexicanas (2001) y (2004) Edit. Abrace, Montevideo Uruguay, En las memorias del Encuentro de Poesía Nicanor de la Fuente de Chiclayo, Perú (2002)..En la Antología: Canto a una ciudad en el desierto, Edit. La Cuadrilla de la langosta.  Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua (1998-2002) En la Antología Mujeres Poetas en el País de las Nubes. (2002). En el tomo de Pícaras de la Trilogía Poética de las Mujeres en Hispanoamérica, Edit. La Cuadrilla de la langosta. (2004). Antología Voces sin fronteras. Èditions Alondras Montreal Canadá 2006. En antología “Al filo del gozo” 2006 y  en las revistas literarias: Oráculo (2002), Generación (2001), Alforja de poesía  (2002), Rehiletes de la Cd. de México. Olandina, Chiclayo Perú (2002); Bruegel de Cd. Juárez Chihuahua (2002). Luces y Sombras de Tafalla, Navarra (2003). Letras Salvajes (2004). Cipactli de arte y cultura del Estado de México. En la Revista digital Nocturnario (2015) entre otras. Antologada y participante en el Primer Encuentro Internacional de Poetas “Grito de Mujer” en Madrid España. (2016) Participó en el Primer Encuentro Internacional de Poetas del Mundo. (“Miembro ID: 9158) en la República Bolivariana de Venezuela Junio del 2016, participante en el “V Maratón Nacional de Poesía” en Jalapa Veracruz  2016 y en octubre en el Encuentro Internacional de Poesía  en la República de Chile “Tras las Huellas del Poeta,” En la actualidad su tercer libro de poemas “AD LIBITUM” Edit. Praxis 2015, se está presentando en diferentes espacios para su difusión. El 21 de Febrero de 2017 presentó su libro de poemas AD LIBITUM en El Centro de Creación Literaria Javier Villaurrutia INBA-CONACULTA. Participó en el 4º Festival Internacional De Poesía en Marrakech, Abril 2017, Presentación poético musical del libro “Ad Libitum” en el “Museo Espacio” en la ciudad de Aguascalientes Ags. en el mes de mayo del 2017. Antologada en Mujeres Poetas en el País de las Nubes 2017.Compilada en la Antología Poetry Road Anthology Poets Of The World 2017.Participante en el VI Festival Maratón de Poesía en Xalapa Veracruz 2017.