Under the Dictations of Words by Mendes Biondo

under the dictations of words

we have rights

also when folk beat us

with a bat

not for music

we have lefts

also if a lot of people

are forced to leave

not for travel


under the dictations of words

we have politicians

more skilled in polemics

less skilled in politics

and their skins

are not a part of their body


under the dictations of words

people have two wings

they use them to struggle

not against strong winds

or to reach the top of the mountains

but to strike each others


under the dictations of words

we are in a calembour democracy

and the game of peace

is far from being won

by a shot of dice


Mendes Biondo was born in Mantua. He is a journalist and the Editor-in-Chief of the blog RAMINGO! (https://ramingoblog.com/). His English poems were published by Visual Verse, The Plum Tree Tavern, Scrittura Magazine, Poetry Pasta, Angela Topping – Hygge Feature, The BeZine and I Am Not A Silent Poet.

As Brothers and Sisters Would Do by Mendes Biondo

there’s a thing

and trust me ’cause

it’s a true thing


we were brothers

and we are brothers

everyday and everynight


as that night we all dressed

the same coat

your coat


it happened that your women

helped the other sisters

to know what a woman is


it happened that we told you

that being a million heads leader

is better than a crowned one


it happened that we shared

the same lines

of the same songs


it happened that we

killed each other

everyday and everynight


but it also happened

that our wrinkled hands

helped your wrinkled hands


and this is our story

this is what we’ve done

for a long long time


all against one

if there was a trouble

as brothers and sisters


one against all

if there was a big cake to eat

as brother and sisters


that’s what we are

that’s what we do

as brothers and sisters would do


Mendes Biondo was born in Mantua (Italy) in 1992. He published two books: the novel Trappola di cotone (Nomadepsichico, 2008) and the collection of short stories and poems Amanti bendati (ExCogita, 2010). He has become a recognized journalist by the Italian Order from 2013. In 2015 he obtained the degree in Aesthetic Philosophy at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.
He is already working as blogger, editor and journalist. You can find more about him at the link https://ramingoblog.wordpress.com/. His English works were published by Visual Verse, The Plum Tree Tavern, Scrittura Magazine and The BeZine.