People Person by Nick Gibbs

Influencing friends and making people
Jump and dance at my behest
This the thing I like the best

This and this and this

This is why
Invariably I
Get out of the right side
Of bed every morning
Dry myself on Egyptian cotton
After my power shower
Apply the skin-cringing
Slap of aftershave
Astringently served
From a premium-looking futurist flask
Curved like a blown-glass thigh
This the expansive porch and the slimline girlfriend
The ever-blinking home alarm system

This and this and all of this

I spot her first
Track her down
Scout her out
Catch her young is optimal
Catch her unawares
Better yet starstruck
She’ll skip to obey
So easy to direct at that age

This and this and here and here 

What’s hers is mine
For now and future times
To the tune of ten percent on net
And forty more on gross

This and this
Unwrapped and shown
And flaunted to her face
Everything she wants the most
Signed in sighs
And paid for with her body 

Yes and yes and yes

The contract stamped at length
Then sampled with unbridled joy
Her party-piece
A secret sullen gift-box
To stir darkness
And lay unmoving
On silken sheets after
Rigid as a board beneath
To leave without a word.

This and this and this
I propel her into her future
Mortgaged before
She can reach it

I’ll sell her well
Brand her hard
Stretch her over years
I’ll keep her at
The top of her game
Keep the money rolling in
Then farm her out
When it’s getting thin

There there
And also this and this
I’ve marked the line
Just sign here.

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With Us You Can Be Emily by Nick Gibbs

We see Emily
Growing up with a cracking opportunity
To have a shot at being an accomplished child actress
And sleeping her way through
A portfolio of blue chip clients

We see her vision
As something to exploit
We see her lithe young body
Clothed in silk and stockings
With expensive

We see her networking
And back stabbing
We think she can go
Right to the top
Of the totem pole

And we’re designing software
That will
Whisper her name in your sleep
And fit her
In the palm of your hand.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by Nick Gibbs

I catch a glimpse of shapely knee
Reflected in my screen,
Then there’s the grin as she leans in
– To pinch the staple gun apparently,
At least that’s what the others think,
Or rather what I hope they think.

She returns to her seat,
Spins it with a creak,
And those legs, those long strong legs,
Hook beneath and lean her back;
She know what she’s doing,
And I know she knows what all this will lead to
If she doesn’t stop it soon.

It’s not pc,
She works for me,
At least she does technically,
In her capacity as a junior employee,
And me as her senior,
But I just can’t stop seeing her…

Oh I’ve tried to put her off,
Tried to blow her out,
Steering clear of the coffee room,
When I know she’s about,
But it’s never enough,
And whatever I do,
She’s there all day,
A beast on heat
With long red hair,
Wearing it up,
Wearing me down
Its hardly fair,
Having to put up with these
Feminine wiles in a confined space,
Very, very dangerous,
For this spark to jump between work stations,
A clear violation of fire regulations,
But there’s little I can do:

My crocodile hind brain
Drives me insane, sometimes,
It fires me with wild raging lusts
I can barely control,
But control them I must,
At least until after
The annual spending review,
When at last
I might be able to
Rationalise our relationship…

Manimal by Nick Gibbs

The more she looks into it
The more she wants an out
The nightclub where she met him
So frightfully loud
So dreadfully dim
That he stood out

A curious thing

He said all the right things
Maintained eye contact throughout
His nice smile
Devoted to her
Covers broken teeth

He fashioned an altar
From the greasy dance-floor
And the fumbled smear on her underwear
His only offering
As he lay her down
Muttering gruff at her throat

His whisky breath
Moist and sticky
Against her chest

Such a curious fling

She puts on her brave face
And he takes it off
Straight away
He delights
In the frightened
Little girl beneath
He pants to victory
As she weeps
Then rolls himself away
And snores himself to sleep