SIYELELE MAMA! by Omole Ibukun

Oh! Mother,
We’re under attack!
Oh! Mother,
We’re under attack!
Slavery in Libya
Rigging in Kenya
Poverty in Nigeria
Xenophobia in South Africa
America, who claims to run the free world
now has a President who plays god
who called our rich land Shitholes
who called our fine women hoes
Isreal, who claim to own a god
attempt to split the world
against the will of their people,
tagging our emigrants illegal.
Oh! Motherland
China and France now stand
over our minerals and land
US and Russia made us a foe
over UN votes they veto
Oh! Motherland
They have made you a battleground
for some diplomatic grandstand,
Our currencies measured to dollar and pound
Our mother tongue becomes second-hand
We give them our minerals
and get huge debts in return
They bring in their multinationals
on our near-free labour to run.
They make our race look bad
and then play us with the race card,
like we’re kids and they’re our dads
and we need them to keep being good lads.
Then they sponsor racial and tribal bigots
to provoke emotions and ask us to be patriots
and fight equally-poor whites
who bring ideas to fight for our rights.
Yet, white or black are all fit
Segregation only helps their profit,
we are told our colour is second-class
for the interest of their ruling class
Oh! Mother
We’re under attack!
Oh! Mother
We’re under attack!

I Won’t Pray by Omole Ibukun

Wielders of knives
Enders of lives
Defenders of God
Beheaders of men
You borrowed them your wisdom
as a conscience for the kingdom,
you were the voice of freedom,
yet u are sentenced to matyrdom.
Do they care if they’re
committing a crime
against all the sculpters of rhyme?
I feel like firing the F-word
but for the fear of firing squad.
U warred their world with words,
your art becomes an act,
an act that touches the heart,
an act that cleanses the earth.
I have faith in fate
but i did not pre-meditate
that yours would be death
by the caliphate of hate.
To believe is hard
To pray is hard
The pain won’t let me pray hard,
For Ashraf Fayadh…