so it makes you famous by Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga

so it makes you famous to talk
about me. so it makes you famous
to write lengthy articles about all
you mistake, about grapevine, sour grapes
how important so it gives your eloquence
a chance to be known, to shine and sheen gives
your ego its nourishment, the gas that fuels
its fire please cast aspersions please blabber
oh how it makes you famous to prescribe
my gagging, call me names so it’s for public
relations, for the applause from your legion
you’ve misled so it will make you famous to say
how these experiences
are not mine how these words, how these speech marks
are loaned, how this line was poached from the jungle
that is your misconception, how this ooze
of pain is on hire and must be yours how you play
victim, how it earns you sympathy
from unsuspecting enthusiasts i mean how politically correct
you are or so you make me famous i’m tired
of fame, of being the only language
you know of being your muse, your
syllables of being your recipe
for fame i wish you knew
how it will make you proverbial to get
things right, a hustle, wish you knew how it gives you fame
to hush

but see,




Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga is a Kenyan poet & writer. His collection titled ‘scandal’ is forthcoming. He remains remorseful.