Rhyming Slang by Ron Savory

In the saloon of helpless last dance

Forget debate, there isn’t any

Five into seven to repair minus flaws

Slapping shut rubber mat

Black horse bolted doors

Two evils, is one too many

Waltzing, Koalas bite hard on the chance

Awaiting the headlines to turn

There could be deaths


Round One by Ron Savory

Catherine knew the signs

She stayed upstairs, hidden out of the way

That night she knew that all her friends

Had gone off leaving her alone

Whatever she did, she knew he would be disappointed

It would never be enough


First he pinned her against the door

He took the cigarette from his lips

And stabbed her with it, laughing

Her head started to spin

Out of control she knew

It was important to keep going


If she stopped he would be back

Would wheel out the same excuse

Realising her mistake

She vowed never again

Wishing that Guy had not bothered

To light up her sky

Knock Knock by Ron Savory

In the private healthcare

Foodbank free fridge freezer

Neither fish nor fowl

Out of time yet still in date

The bottom drawer all full of

Good intention decaying

Gazes enviously up at the stars

Snack size opulence

Through the shiny chrome bars

The Plastic pack desirability

Of single wrapped

Self-confidence and prosperity

Reassures and revaluates

Diary date full

Soul Molesters by Ron Savory

Chains of shame, betray the guilty

And shackle hope to gallows pole

Fear dares to cast a glance triumphant

Through the eyes of a whores dead soul

The bulging mass in quiet corners

 All Twisted features hang executed

Dark skies reflect despairs deep hole

As silent bells begin their toll


The faithless scream as angels colour

Red the blue skies stained with torture

Grasping fingers clutch at last rites

Fathers son and mothers daughter

Lost scattered shards in empty mirrors

Reflect redemption’s golden door where

Broken smashed lie the empty vessels

Slaughter strewn across the floor

Boris by Ron Savory

Broken eager sit the children
Heeding now their masters call
Following long time tradition
Panto’s rancid morals fall
Through smiling eyes
To mask convulsions
Knots distribute searing pain
The shouting senses scream confusion
As curtain twitchers
Take their aim

Oxford born songwriter / poet Ron Savory’s nomadic lifestyle led him South, North East, and eventually West to Wales in 1995. Having gained inclusion in “British Isles Poetry Anthology 2006” Ron promptly retired.  2014 bought contributions to “Innovate Magazine/ RARA Anthology” reflecting an awakening.  2015 promises he will stay awake.