Apocalyptic Annunciation by Rupert M. Loydell

It was a matter of national security,
the President had to be informed.
But he was busy with his grooming regime,
practicing presidential poses in the mirror.
He had all the moves down pat, had almost
memorised the nuclear push button code,
and remembered who he now was.
But who was this blonde woman
who said she had come to debrief him?
Was that an innuendo? Just how
attractive was the power he had?
His money, fame and fortune?
Oh, national security. Homeland alert,
undercover cops and time to dish the dirt.
He stared at Carrie’s earlobes,
tried not to look at her breasts
or ask her if he could have the pleasure,
kept his hands down by his side,
fiddling with the gadget in his pocket.
‘Mr. President, what have you done?’
The world on fire outside went white.

Done and Dusted by Rupert M Loydell

When she killed herself
it was all over the papers.
Everyone knew, then
everyone forgot, talked
about something else.
There were TV reports
and neighbours’ tributes,
some actor friends
said nice things but
then it was as though
nothing had happened,
as though it was all ok,
done and dusted,
just another day.


Previously published in International Times.

annunCIAtion by Rupert M Loydell

Mary, goes the conspiracy theory,
was set up, framed, scapegoated.
She was pregnant already, it was
Joseph or an unknown boyfriend,
her father abused her as a child.

It was a prophecy, it was foretold,
the men in black were on the case,
secret agents or aliens infiltrated
the village. We need to see the files,
hear the tapes. And so it came to pass.


This poem is from IMPOSSIBLE SONGS, a lofi booklet by sarah cave & rupert M loydell [analogue flashback books]
which are all poems about annunications.